September 18, 2017
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Pricing starts at Rs. 2,500

Having a photo shoot with kids is definitely a herculean task but by the services provided by Vinthai Varnam photography, it is not something to worry about. As the photoshoot takes place in the residence itself, the kids are already in their comfort zone. The kids have more freedom and they feel comfortable. Their natural behaviour and the candids taken will hold a sense of purity.

Clicking portraits of children from the time of their birth till 10 years of age will help us learn about the growth of the child, their physical changes and their charm.

Start shooting your kids’ portrait now if you have missed doing it earlier and cherish the memories.

Building Memories for your Kid

Kids are always special to us. They are the actual kings and queens of every house. Their smiles light up the entire house with love and happiness. Vinthai Varnam Photography can capture those happy moments in its most original form to freeze the moment and allows us to relive it in future for both the parents and the kids.

This is a photo of young Niharika, shot in Mahabalipuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This picture shows the excitement on Niharika’s face to be outside of her home; where she sees so much of space to run around and play.

Kids Photoshoot Near Me

Sunkissed face of Niharika’s glows with the rays of the early morning sun

Kids Photography - Where am I

 “I found you papa :D’ excitement – Niharika’s hide and seek game with her parents

She was the heroine of the day with 20 costume change in 2 hours, while her grandmother playing the role of make-up artist doing the makeovers with quick turn around time

Kids Photography Chennai

Our little heroine’s quick turn-around time captured right on time!

Niharika’s happiness captured with top notch expressions when her grandmother gave her colourful flowers to play with

Kids Photography Chennai

‘Hey! I have two antennas!’

Running behind the kids for them to pose and cooperate for taking a picture is as tedious as it sounds. Vinthai Varnam Photography, with its child-friendly ways to click pictures is the best way to preserve their smiles and to hold the pictures in our hearts for a long time.

Despite our tight schedules at work, taking some time off to create memories can not only reduce our stress but will also turn out to be days to remember forever.

Kids Photography Chennai


Flower Shower

Cousins from US

kids enjoy one level more than parents when they have guests at their home. Because they love to see un-seen faces after long time or it could be that they have more people to chit chat and play. And it becomes so special if your guests are from abroad who are not around here and don’t see often.

Well this story is about the photo shoot of Srini’s family. Her daughter Harini is very much excited as their two cousins (Srini’s brother sons) are back in India at their home for the vacation and a photo shoot was planned on a fine Sunday evening

Kids Photography Chennai

While the cousins were on a traditional Kurta pajama, Harini was in colourful long frock which gave a blend of traditional cum western feel.

Harini’s home was fully filled with joy and happiness as the photo shoot was planned at their home. As the photo shoot at home fully cuts the travelling time to studio,  she had more and quality time to spend with her cousins and try out different attires and give a pose for the photo shoot. These instances are going to bloom as  wonderful  memories for Harini in future and cherish forever. Happy shoot Harini

Jaya Krishna

On a hot Sunday, Vinthai Varnam photography had been called for a photoshoot for Sanjey’s sister. She wanted to dress up as various avatars of goddesses like Laksmi, Kali and Meenakshi Amman. These transformations were assisted by a make-up artist. 

As this photoshoot was going on, Sanjey’s parents came up with an exotic idea of dressing Sanjey up as the avatar of Lord Krishna. Sanjey was extremely shy and it was impossible to make him stand still even to listen to us parents. He was reluctant, excited and shy at the same time. He finally agreed and when he came out of the room dressed up, the whole family felt blessed to have seen Lord Krishna in front of their eyes. It was truly a moment that gave all of them chills.  

Since a moment like this is pure in its rarest form, several shots were taken of Sanjey for the family to cherish and below is a picture of Sanjey is an avatar of Lord Krishna.

Our mind is always occupied with day-to-day activities and don’t have time to think about investing some time for building our memories for your next generation. While this one falls low priority in our daily priorities bucket, our old age will be more painful if we don’t have good memories to cherish with.