April 18, 2017
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Is photographing a family portrait necessary?  – Most of us think that it is not. The reason is we don’t have time to think about this and taking a picture of a family falls very low in to the bucket of other high priority day-to-day items.

We generally say that we work hard for family so that they have what is adequately required plus the luxury that the children should have while they grow.But what we are forgetting is the memories of our families. The memories of your kids, memories of how they grow-up in different stages, memories of the time that you would have spent with your children.

Are we giving our lifetime memories to our children? The answer that we would receive from most of us is “No”. Now a day we do take photos in smartphones but to my knowledge, these get deleted and not backed-up properly when we face disk space crunch. Few of us do manage family photos in online storage repositories. It is good but if we need to see these photos, you have to login and see them in smartphones or laptop. But the whole family doesn’t have access or opportunity to view these photos together and relish your family memories.

Ultimately what we should give to our children is good memories to cherish while growing and later as well. Because this is the only one that will make them to remember when they grow-up. Now the question that we have is – What will photographing a family portrait bring to the family? Apart from building the memories for future years, it brings joy within the family as we smile together, laugh together and most importantly it gives opportunity to spend time together

Please have a look at the below family portrait.

This is a portrait of a family with their little angel. The angel was nearly 10 months young and the moment she sees the camera, she starts crying. As a family, they spent nearly an hour along with me (photographer) to make her to laugh by trying out several options. It was nearly an hour and we thought of wrapping it up. It was then this idea flashed where the angel climbed and sat on her father’s neck. She was so excited on climbing and this photograph captures this wonderful moment.

The parents now learnt several ways of making her little angel to smile which is going to be wonderful memory forever. This photograph is now decorating their living room with wonderful memory to cherish. If we inculcate the habit of photographing the family portrait once in a year, then we are really building good memories of our family.

Start creating wonderful memories for yourself and your family…

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