November 5, 2015
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On one fine Sunday morning, I started from home at Medavakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India at 5:30 AM with my Nikon camera and reached Koyembedu whole sale market in Koyembedu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India at 6:30 AM.

I have been to this Koyembedu market 12 years before and have seen it as one of the busiest market all the time and especially in the early morning. Even now, I am seeing loading,unloading the vegetables, fruits etc by labourers, Whole salers packing and sending to the retail vendors, general public like us buying vegetables, flowers & fruits as well.

I decided to visit Fruits and Flower market to capture the vibrant colors that it exhibits. But before I enter these markets, I saw huge array of raw bananas being unloaded and nicely arranged in the market





One of the friend there requested to take his picture and want to see his face in the camera. He was so happy on seeing his face smiling in the picture which in turn made me realise that there is only one reason where people immediately give a smile no matter whatever the situation is when you request them to give a pose for the picture


I then started walking towards the Fruit market and trying to get a glimpse of the different activities that was happening. My eyes was caught and my attention went to the orange seller where he was organising the orange fruits one over the other. The sunlight over the fruits added additional texture and was a perfect situation to click the picture


Another friend in the Fruit market asked me to click the picture below and send to his Friend’s what app number.I then understood that What’s app and the availability of android apps have made it so simple that even Aam admi can use it.


I was then in a transit between Fruit and flower market and found this amazing mobile hotel (Thallu Vandi) where hot dosa is being served to the people in Koyembedu market



In the entrance of the flower market, my camera clicked at the different roses that are packed for ready to be shipped for bouquet shop.


I then entered inside the flower market. It was a spectacular view to see the flowers that were spread over in almost all the directions of my view. Based on the colour of the flower, the shop keeper has artistically lit the lamp with appropriate colour.



It is amazing to see the shop keeper by using his aesthetic sense, trying to attract the customer and sell his product


The above scenes really filled my eyes, heart with joy which refreshed my mind and body to get prepared for the next week routine life and job 🙂

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