June 20, 2015
in Motion, Panning

To recap, another example for last week topic “Texture in Photography”. This photo was shot at beach in Mahabalipuram, chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Texture in Photography

Texture in Photography

This week topic is going to be “Panning in Photography”. This is a technique where we focus the moving object and click the photo which should reveal that the object is moving with the gazed background to give the  feel of the movement. Take a look at this picture

Panning in Photography Chennai

Panning in Photography

This shot was taken in Marina beach, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. There are lot of activities generally happening in the service road near the beach. In this picture I did a continuous focus on the moving object (person riding the bike) with the background (people protesting for a specific cause) gazed. The intention of shooting this photo is to convey that even though there is a protest happening, the person riding the bike is not worried or bothered about it. With the focus techniques in photography, it is very handy to convey the meaning what we intend to share.

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