May 29, 2015
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It has been a while since I updated my blog. I did clicked and posted few photos earlier based on my own instinct and I felt that I am not doing right. I need to go extra mile where the photos that I clicked by me need to be unique, must have story in it and the photo I clicked must not be usual one.

I joined Ambitions4 academy in Chennai, India and completed basic & advanced photography. In an academy we have an perfect environment to learn with controlled flow of information taught by experienced teachers who had already practiced photography for many years. Learning photography in the academy helped me to quickly learn the photography and practice photography in regular practical sessions. Having said that, we cannot learn photography completely in few days or months as the domain is vast and there is no boundary that we can draw to say that “I am done”.

I am now going to start on the basics in photography in my blog and touch-up on the different topics on a regular basis which would help the readers who are new to photography in understanding the basics in a simpler way. I welcome your comments/feedback on my blog if you happen to read my blog.

The first topic that we are going to cover is Scale in photography

Scaling in Photography

Scaling in Photography

In the above photo, I intended to show the height of the pillar.If I clicked the photo which covers only the pillar then we will not be able to appreciate the height and gigantic figure of the pillar. Hence I included the statue near the pillar. And now we could see the impact it makes to the pillar. We need to include minimum two objects that is of different size and scale to show the impact of the scale in photography.

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I would say we cant still predict the height of the tower! Statue could be different height! If it would have been a known object like bicycle it would be better. Or better ur selfie in front of it!! My humble opinion btw!!;)

June 2, 2015

Fantastic click mani!
You can have bushes and tree also as reference objects rather statue..angle is also great as it resembles the 3D effect..

It conveys another meaning as well. The height of the person (not able to figure out who is that) doesn't matter. The height that reached in his life is what the symbol of the pillar.

ParamRaj V
June 2, 2015

Thanks for your comments Raga & ParamRaj

@ParamRaj, The status is of V G Panneerdas at VGP universal kingdom theme park

Mani Ramdoss
June 4, 2015

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